Bioracer HQ entrance

Visit to Bioracer HQ

Recently Novatech’s Gareth and Dan, both engineers and keen cyclists, went on a fact finding trip to Bioracer HQ in Belgium, attending their Bioracer Motion Academy. Novatech are working hard on the development of our F333 bike pedal loadcell. This brings true 3-axis force measurement capability to the pedal without disrupting the ergonomics or bike setup. While developing the F333, Novatech must bridge the gap between engineering and sports science. This was a great opportunity for us to meet sports scientists at the highest level and discuss how our product can help them, as well as what functionality and features they need.

Horseshoe loadcell

Specialised 'Horseshoe' Loadcells for quick installation and removal

A number of our customers are original equipment manufacturers, who supply various prefabricated parts for larger machines or test rigs. These may include linear motion stages, with ball screws and drive motors, incorporating one or more loadcells within a control system or feedback loop. These will often be in constant use throughout the life of the machine and may therefore require regular servicing.

Where the end user may be required to get the loadcells recalibrated to a certain schedule, or fit spare parts in the case of accidental damage, it is helpful to be able to avoid complete dismantling of the components surrounding the loadcell. This is particularly true if the end user would otherwise be unable to do this themselves. As a practical solution to this, Novatech have worked on a number of 'horseshoe' designs that can slot round certain items, such as ball screws, for ease of installation and removal. Designs have been perfected that have negligible effect on loadcell performance, despite large reductions to reaction surfaces.

Javan cucumber seed

Loadcells with resolution in the order of Micro-Newtons continue to unlock new research potential

The F329 Deci-Newton loadcell has become increasingly popular over the years as more and more research is tending towards the involvement of extremely small forces. Whether it is for medical science or impulse thrusters in aerospace applications, the F329 can accurately measure forces up to 0.1N with up to 10,000 steps of resolution in a single axis. The success of the F329 has since prompted development of the F332 loadcell, which offers the same potential for small force measurement but in 2 perpendicular axes.

A recent application involved the aerodynamics of a unique 'flying' seed of the Javan cucumber (Alsomitra Macrocarpa), which is a gourd bearing Liana belonging to the pumpkin family. The bell-shaped fruit of the Javan cucumber is football sized and densely packed with large numbers of these paper-thin winged seeds. Unlike the seeds of the sycamore, which rely on 'auto-rotation', the cucumber seeds naturally adopt a stable glide and can travel great distances. Accurate lift and drag measurements were made possible by the F332 2 axis loadcell.

Tie down strap loadcell

Customised Loadcells for 3-point Tie Down Straps

Thanks to the versatility of the F256 axial compensated loadcell we are able to adapt one of our most cost-effective, high performance loadcells to almost any task. The F256 loadcell body has the ability to cope with a certain degree of off-axis load with negligible error and the inert base can be switched out for a number of different designs, depending on your requirement.

In a recent application Novatech provided three F256 loadcells with special end fittings to form an instrumented 3-point tie down strap, capable of monitoring the tensile load through the straps in real time. The inherent axial compensation within the foil strain gauge bridge circuit meant that the loadcells provided accurate measurement, regardless of the influence of the end fittings, as the straps shifted and twisted under dynamic load. Please feel free to contact our Engineering Department if you have a loadcell requirement that you wish to discuss. It is very likely that one of our products can be adapted if needed.

Coconut crab force measurement

Feeling the pinch? Novatech Measurements can provide cost-effective bespoke loadcell products

Novatech Measurements recently designed and manufactured a pair of bespoke loadcells for a research team working in partnership with an American University. The team were conducting research into the relative size and strength of coconut crabs found on Pemba Island, in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania, compared to those found in their more common environment. Coconut crabs are the largest land-living arthropods in the world and a fully grown adult can reach 1m in span. The larger (left) claw can deliver well over 300kgf of grip force, which is 10 times that of a strong human adult.

Due to the aggressive nature and strength of the larger crabs, the loadcells incorporated a finger guard and put the sensing elements at a safe distance from the grip. The crab would instinctively 'attack' the probe and apply a compressive force through a moment compensated bending element, reducing force position errors. The probe was profiled such that a quick twist would release the probe from the vice like grip.

Novatech Loadcells Used At The Cutting Edge Of New Technology

A system incorporating one of our loadcells appeared on the Channel 4 programme 'Guy Martin vs the Robot Car' on Sunday 26th November 2017. Guy was going head-to-head against a self driving A.I. racecar but first wanted to have a go at creating a self driving vehicle of his own. The F204-Z4031 loadcell, a bespoke design exclusive to one of our regular customers, was used as part of a brake pedal actuation robot to help Guy get to grips with making his own self driving transit van, which managed to reach 90mph under complete autonomous control. The braking system was certainly put through its paces when the van lost traction on a wet part of the Silverstone race track and started to spin off! Our F256-Z0795 'Set-up Wheel' loadcells are also being used by the team behind the robot car itself.

FSU-SSBD Fast Loadcell Digitiser

FSU-SSBD Fast Loadcell Digitiser

The FSU-SSBD is a fast, compact, high precision loadcell input module delivering high resolution readings over USB and communicated directly to a PC. It is aimed at dynamic applications that require high speed measurement.

It delivers high speed measurements of 4800 samples per second at 13 bit noise free resolution.

Simply by plugging the device into a PC, data can be measured from a loadcell using the FSU-SSBD for a wide range of high speed systems. This is achieved using the powerful Toolkit software to provide optimised, fast viewing of data. It allows the viewing of input status and module information, simple switching between engineering units as well as two part calibration, high speed navigation and FFT frequency component analysis. Data can be exported to a CSV file.

This free-standing module is fitted with 9-way ‘D’ type socket for connection to the loadcell while a micro USB socket allows connection to a PC and does not require external power. A DIN rail mounting option is also available.

You can read more in the FSU-SSBD data-sheet.

Loadcell for CNC metal spinning

CNC Metal Spinning Machine Force Measurement

The F268-Z4778 and Z4779 loadcells are designed for use in a high-precision CNC metal spinning machine. The loadcells were developed during the initial concept stage for the machine and form an integral part of the drive chain / control system. This offers direct measurement of the applied force and accurate feedback to the automated drives, allowing smooth and precise control during the spinning process. Facilitated by the provision of complete, detailed CAD layouts, governed by a Non-disclosure Agreement, Novatech was able to provide a solution that fitted into the available space, requiring only minor modification of a single part. You can read more in the F268-Z4778 and Z4779 application page.

Loadcells For Cryogenic Applications

Novatech is pleased to announce a further addition to its already impressive and ever growing list of capabilities. Following independent testing at NASA's Glenn Research Center [sic], Novatech loadcells have been put through their paces at temperatures down to 40°K (-233.15°C).

With a build specification capable of withstanding -269°C to +150°C, Novatech's loadcells for cryogenic applications share many traits with the already popular vacuum compatible loadcell variants on offer. Material selections and production processes are carefully vetted to ensure a reliable end product which can also be baked-out to reduce contaminants prior to installation.

Unlike the high temperature offerings using Novatech's patented modulus compensation techniques these low temperature loadcells are not modulus compensated in any way. There are also no additional components used to trim the overall zero balance. These loadcells are designed to be zeroed at the working temperature and used in applications where the cryogenic temperatures remain fairly constant or a compensation curve has been formed and applied.

If you need a loadcell for a cryogenic application our engineering department will be happy to discuss your requirements.

No Price Rises For 2017

We are not increasing any of our standard product prices for 2017. Current prices for all our products can be obtained from our sales department. We are happy to provide written quotations for your requirements. Quotations are usually sent within 24 hours.

Loadcell Instrumentation Price Reductions

We have made significant price reductions across our range of loadcell instrumentation products from October 2016. Current prices for all our products can be obtained from our sales department. We are happy to provide written quotations for your requirements. Quotations are usually sent within 24 hours.

SD039 Integral Loadmeter

SD039 Integral Loadmeter

The SD039 is a battery powered integral loadmeter for mounting in modified loadcells. It has push button tare and peak hold as standard. You can read more in the SD039 data-sheet and the F209-Z4538 application page.

Engineering Application Sheet For the F329 Loadcell

An Engineering Sheet, number E038, has been added to the Information section. This gives application information for the F329 DeciNewton loadcell.

LCD20 Loadcell Amplifier

LCD20 Loadcell Amplifier

The latest addition to our range the LCD20 intelligent loadcell amplifier is a compact, DIN rail mounted microprocessor based unit for use with strain gauge bridge loadcells in force measuring applications. This compact unit offers many of the features of the LCA20 in a smaller unit. It provides current 4-20mA and voltage 0-10V analogue outputs and two digital inputs. Two set point relays can be configured to set thresholds such as net, gross, peak and valley. Powered from a wide ranging DC supply, the amplifier is supplied with 2 part screw connectors for ease of installation. You can read more in the LCD20 data-sheet.

Loadcell Calibration Uncertainty Evaluation

We have re-issued our uncertainty evaluation document with all the latest changes to our system. You can read the 22 page document from the link or print it if you prefer. Our engineering department will be happy to discuss any points that you require clarifying.

The End Of TR200 Production

The TR200 loadmeter will no longer be available after April 2016. The TR150 loadmeter is a possible alternative for many applications.

F308-Z4497 Subminiature Compression Loadcell

Subminiature Compression Loadcell

The F308-Z4497 is the smallest F308 loadcell that we have manufactured to date. It is 12mm high, the picture shows the loadcell next to a UK five pence coin. An unsealed construction was suitable for the application so the loadcell could be manufactured without a case. The loadcell has a rated load of 150N (15kgf) in compression.

If you have an application that requires a very small loadcell our engineering department will be happy to discuss your requirements.

F331 Fatigue Rated, High Stiffness, Low Range Loadcell

F331 Fatigue Rated, High Stiffness, Low Range Loadcell

The F331 is a variant of the F330 loadcell manufactured in a rectangular case. You can read more in the F331 data-sheet.

F332 2 axis loadcell

F332 Two Axis Loadcell

The F332 is the latest addition to the Novatech range of loadcells for measuring small forces. This low range two axis loadcell is available in custom force ranges from 0.1N to 100N (10gf to 10kgf). More information can found in the F332 data-sheet.

No Price Rises For 2016

We are not increasing any of our standard product prices for 2016. Current prices for all our products can be obtained from our sales department. We are happy to provide written quotations for your requirements. Quotations are usually sent within 24 hours.

T24 Banner

T24 Telemetry System Upgrades

The successful T24 wireless telemetry system has been upgraded to have larger transmission range, better module sealing and improved support software. The new modules start shipping in mid October 2015.

More information can found in the T24 system data-sheet.

F218-Z0899 Foundry Loadcell

Foundry Machine Loadcell Spares And Repairs For Melting And Dosing Furnaces

Novatech have been supplying a leading German manufacturer of melting and dosing furnaces with force measurement transducers for their foundry machines for over 20 years. Our loadcells have a proven track record for reliability and service life so make sure you use genuine parts. The F218-Z0899 and F218-Z0900 loadcells have been EMC tested and approved by the furnace supplier.

Read more about the foundry loadcells.

All of the F218 variants for melting and dosing furnaces are available at €1866 each excluding VAT or local taxes.

F308-Z4497 Subminiature Compression Loadcell

New Look Enclosure For The SGA Amplifier

The SGA loadcell amplifier will be supplied in a new black ABS enclosure from early May 2015. There are small changes in the overall dimensions but the fixing centres are the same as the original enclosure.

More information can found in the SGA data-sheet.

Submersible Load Link

New Submersible Load link

Novatech enters the load link market with a novel submersible design with integral display. You can read more about the load link.

LCA20 loadcell amplifier

LCA20 Loadcell Amplifier

The LCA15 has been redesigned to become the LCA20 taking advantage of new technology to improve performance and increase functionality. The LCA20 can be used in any application that used the LCA15. The two amplifiers have the same external appearance and dimensions. More information can found in the LCA20 data-sheet.

The LCA15 is no longer available after the 1st September 2014.

F300 Axial Loadcell

New Range For The F300

The standard ranges for the F300 sideload rejection loadcell have been extended up to 400kN (40tonnef). More information can be found in the F300 data-sheet.

F330 low range loadcell

F330 Low Range Loadcell

The F330 is the latest addition to our ever increasing range of loadcells. It is a fatigue rated, high stiffness loadcell for low range force measurement. More information can found in the F330 data-sheet.

New DSC USB Loadcell Digitiser with laptop

New DSC USB loadcell Digitiser

A new version of the DSC USB has been launched. The DSC USB is a compact, high performance digital signal conditioner with USB connectivity aimed at applications, which require high-accuracy measurement with traceability. More information can be found in the DSC USB data-sheet.

New Engineering Application Sheets

Three new Engineering Application Sheets have been added to the Technical Information section and some existing sheets have had additional information added.The links below cover the new sheets and the main changes.

E000 - Index of Available Subjects
E018 - High Temperature Specification Loadcells
E019 - Loadcells For The Vacuum Environment
E034 - F328 Low Force Universal Loadcell
E036 - F300 Sideload Rejection Loadcell
E037 - F320 Moment Rejection Cantilever Bracket

F329 Deci-Newton Loadcell

F329 Deci-Newton Loadcell

The latest addition to our loadcell range is the F329 Deci-Newton loadcell, an axial low force loadcell. The F329 is a specialist force measurement device with a rated load of 0.1N (10gf). More information can be found in the F329 data-sheet.

STEP Files Available For All Standard Loadcells

To meet the increasing demand for product information we have made available STEP files to ISO 10303-21 for all our standard loadcells and fittings. These can be accessed from a button in the Additional Information section on the loadcell data-sheets. Clicking the button will take you to the relevant section of the STEP file index. Right click on the link to download the STEP file. Left click on the model number button to view (or return to) the product data-sheet. The exact steps to complete the download will depend on the browser that you are using. If you left click on a STEP file link some browsers will open them as a text file.

Two New Loadcell Types launched

F300 Sideload Rejection Loadcell

Novatech's virtual office.

We have launched two new loadcells, the F300 Sideload Rejection Loadcell and the F320 Moment Rejection Cantilever Bracket loadcell.

These two new loadcell types offer superb extraneous load rejection for the most common forms of extraneous loads found in everyday loadcell applications. When correctly applied to complex force systems, the extraneous load rejection properties of these loadcells are such that error analysis/correction could be considered unnecessary in the majority of everyday force measurement loadcell applications. The very small residual quantified errors and their characteristics are detailed within two new engineering sheets, allowing corrective processing of measurement data or just simply the calculation of maximum measurement uncertainties.

More information can be found in the F300 and F320 data-sheets.There are links on the data-sheets to engineering sheets and product outline drawings.

Novatech's 40th Birthday

We will be forty years old on 5th June 2012. From a few basic cylindrical loadcells in the early years our loadcell design and manufacture has developed into a product range of 50 loadcell families with a strong bespoke capability for producing custom designs for customers.

Novatech's virtual office.

Virtual Office

Our office in the Second Life® virtual world at has been open for over seven years now. It has developed as the virtual world has gained new features. The display boards are actively linked to this website now so the information is always up to date. The picture shows the office in winter, the seasons change there. Drop in anytime and see how it is developing. You can get a free Second Life® account that will allow you to explore the virtual world.

F259-Z4041 Miniature Compression Loadcell

Our Smallest Loadcell to Date

The F259-Z4041 is the smallest loadcell that we have manufactured to date. It is 10mm in diameter and 3.8mm high, the picture shows the loadcell on a UK five pence coin. The loadcell has a rated load of 25kgf (250N) in compression and is sealed to IP65.

This loadcell is used for a precision optical lens polishing application. If you have an application that requires a very small loadcell our engineering department will be happy to discuss your requirements.

F308 Axial Loadcell

New Ranges For The F308

The standard ranges for the F308 have been extended down to 5kgf (50N). Ranges up to 50kgf (500N) now have improved performance. More information can be found in the F308 data-sheet.

F328 Low Force Universal Loadcell

F328 Low Force Universal Loadcell

The latest addition to our loadcell range is the F328 an axial low force universal loadcell with quantified extraneous load and moment rejection. More information can be found in the F328 data-sheet.

ICA6H Loadcell Amplifier

ICA6H Loadcell Amplifier

This miniature loadcell amplifier is the latest addition to our range of small amplifiers. Designed for use with strain gauge loadcells it has a bi-polar ±10V output for use with bi-directional loadcells even though it is powered from a uni-polar supply. More information can be found in the ICA6H data-sheet.

Engineering Application Sheet E017 - Lifting With Loadcells - Safety

We have added a new engineering sheet on the safe use of loadcells in lifting applications. You can read more about Lifting With Loadcells - Safety in the Engineering Sheet section.

Measurement of Small Forces in Deep Water

We have supplied a 1kgf (10N) loadcell to the USA's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for a project that involved measuring forces under water at pressures up to 600bar. You can read more about the project.

Project Update: This loadcell has now been in service for over 4 years and is still providing reliable data.

Calibration Range Extended

Recent modifications to one of our calibration rigs has extended the calibration range from 1000kN to 2000kN (100 to 200tonne) in compression. Please contact our sales department if you would like a quotation for your calibration requirements.

F327 Canister Loadcell

F327 Canister Loadcell

The F327 canister loadcell is a new product for 2009. With IP67 sealing and ranges between 10kN and 1000kN (1 and 100tonne) it is ideally suited to force measurement applications in harsh conditions.

The F327 data-sheet gives the full product specification. As with all our loadcells we are happy to quote for custom variations to the F327. We can also supply it calibrated in other force or weight units.

Please contact our sales department for pricing information.

Engineering Sheet For The F312

An engineering sheet is now available for the F312 custom shear pin loadcell. This provides help in specifying the requirements of a custom shear pin for a specific application.

MicroNewton Force Measurement

Novatech Measurements have undertaken a major development programme to design a low range force transducer with the ultimate goal of resolving forces down to 1 microNewton. We have launched a new web site to deal with very low force measurements at .

Pushrod Loadcell

F204-Z3541 Pushrod Loadcell

The pushrod loadcell was designed in conjunction with a motorsport company as a direct replacement to their standard rod end bearing. More information can be found in the provisional data-sheet.

Loadcell Hire Service

We have launched a new loadcell hire service. If you only make occasional force measurements hiring may be more cost effective than purchasing a loadcell. Details of our hire service can be found at our loadcell hire web site or you can contact our sales department to discuss your requirements.

Loadcell Modulus Compensation Up To 250°C

We have been granted a UK patent for the modulus compensation technique that we use for the best performance at high temperatures. Please contact our sales department if you would like more information on high temperature loadcells.

TR150 Loadmeter

TR150 Portable Loadmeter

The TR100 battery powered loadmeter has been replaced by a new loadmeter with improved performance. More information can be found in the TR150 data-sheet.