• DIN rail mounted
  • 4 to 20mA or ±10V output
  • 17 to 30Vdc supply range
  • Protected against reverse supply connection
  • 5kHz bandwidth (-3dB)

SY018 Loadcell Amplifier

This DIN rail mounted loadcell amplifier is designed for use with strain gauge loadcells.

It provides industry standard current or voltage outputs for accurate interfacing of loadcells with control and monitoring systems.

This amplifier is ideally suited to engineering applications. Its small size and DIN rail mounting make compact multi-channel systems easy to implement.

The voltage output version of the amplifier has a bi-polar output for use with bi-directional loadcells even though it is powered from a uni-polar supply.

The amplifier is easily calibrated using non-interactive zero and span trimmers. If the SY018 is supplied with a loadcell it will normally be calibrated to read the loadcell output in the same force units as the loadcell calibration. A traceable system certificate will be supplied for the amplifier and loadcell combination.

This amplifier can be used with any of our loadcells. Details of our loadcell families can be found in the Product Guide.

SY018 Specification

Output Current version: 4 to 20mA, loop resistance <400Ω
  Voltage version: ± 10V, load resistance >10kΩ, slew rate 0.1V/µs
Sensitivity Factory set between 0.5 and 100mV/V
Span adjustment ±20%
Zero adjustment Current version: 0.02 to 11mA at the output
  Voltage version: ±2V at the output
Non-linearity - typical ±0.02% of full range
Drift - typical Zero: 0.1µV/°C at the input
  Span: 70ppm/°C
Loadcell supply 10Vdc at 150mA (4 x 350Ω loadcells)
Supply requirements Nominal 24Vdc (17 to 30Vdc)
Maximum supply current 185mA
Operating Temperature 0 to +50°C
Case material Grey flame resistant polyamide
Case dimensions H 72.5mm (mounted on rail) W 18mm D 62mm
Rail types Asymmetric to EN50035 (DIN46277-1)
  Symmetric to EN50022 (DIN46277-3)

SY018 Ordering Codes

SY018 A B C D
Replace A, B, C and D with the required codes from the list below.
A Basic type
V for voltage output, I for current output.
B Amplifier output
010 for ±10V, 420 for 4 to 20mA.
C Loadcell excitation voltage
10 for 10V.
D Loadcell output in mV/V
Usually 1.0 or 2.0, other values are possible.
Example: SY018I-420-10-2.0 This has a 4 to 20mA current output, 10V loadcell excitation and an input sensitivity of 2.0mV/V for full range.

If the SY018 does not have all the functions you require the SGA or LCA20 Loadcell Amplifiers may be more suitable. An LCA20 data-sheet and an SGA data-sheet are available.

CEThis instrumentation product complies with the requirements of the European EMC directive.

Additional Information

PDF data-sheet Printable data-sheet. Right click on the link to download the file.
PDF instructions Printable user instructions for the current output SY018. Right click on the link to download the file.
PDF instructions Printable user instructions for the voltage output SY018. Right click on the link to download the file.