• 5 digit display
  • Peak hold
  • Push button tare
  • Protected against reverse supply connection
  • 8mm LED display

SD039 Integral Loadmeter

This small loadmeter is designed for mounting in modified strain gauge loadcells. It has an 8mm LED display for easy reading in poor light conditions. The loadmeter has push button tare and peak hold. When it is calibrated the update rate can be set to one of eight values to give some signal filtering to improve the display stability.

The sizes of the loadmeter board and the battery enclosure that we often use are shown below with a picture of a typical installation. If you have a project that requires a loadmeter to be mounted in a loadcell please consult our engineering department to discuss the possibilities.

Details of our loadcell families can be found in the Product Guide.

Typical SD039 installation in a loadcell

SD039 loadmeter outlinePP3 battery housing dimensions

SD039 Specification

Parameter Minimum Typical Maximum Units
Battery voltage 9 - 14 V
Operating current - 40 - mA
Typical battery life - PP3 - 10 - hr
Operating temperature range -40 - 85 °C
Reverse polarity protection - - -30 V
Bridge excitation 4.75 5.0 5.25 V
Bridge Impedance 350 - 5000 Ω
Bridge sensitivity -7.0 - +7.0 mV/V
Filtering - 8 ranges 40 - 500 ms
Nonlinearity - 0.002 - %FR
Zero temperature stability - 0.1 - ±µV/°C
Span temperature stability - 0.001 - ±%FR/°C


  1. FR = Full Range
  2. The supply current depends on the loadcell bridge resistance.
  3. The operating temperature range will depend on the battery used. As an example a typical Alkaline PP3 battery temperature range is -20 to 54°C.
  4. The loadmeter specifications must be read in conjunction with the appropriate loadcell data-sheet to determine the overall specification of the loadcell and loadmeter combined.
  5. Recalibration or changing the filter settings requires opening the loadcell to gain access to board mounted switches.

Ordering Codes

In most cases the SD039 will be supplied in a special version of a loadcell that will have a Z number code. For a new design we normally supply the required code number at the time of order.

CEThis instrumentation product complies with the requirements of the European EMC directive.