• 4800 samples per second
  • 13 bit noise free resolution
  • Capture up to 30 minutes of data
  • Quick and easy connectivity via USB
  • Toolkit software for simple use
  • Traceable system calibration certificate

FSU-SSBD Fast Loadcell Digitiser

The FSU-SSBD is a fast, compact, high precision loadcell input module delivering high resolution readings over USB and communicated directly to a PC. It is aimed at dynamic applications that require high speed measurement.

It delivers high speed measurements of 4800 samples per second at 13 bit noise free resolution.

Simply by plugging the device into a PC, data can be measured from a loadcell using the FSU-SSBD for a wide range of high speed systems. This is achieved using the powerful Toolkit software to provide optimised, fast viewing of data. It allows the viewing of input status and module information, simple switching between engineering units as well as two part calibration, high speed navigation and FFT frequency component analysis. Data can be exported to a CSV file.

This free-standing module is fitted with 9-way ‘D’ type socket for connection to the loadcell while a micro USB socket allows connection to a PC and does not require external power. A DIN rail mounting option is also available.

If the FSU-SSBD is supplied with a loadcell it will normally be calibrated to read the loadcell output in the same force units as the loadcell calibration. A traceable system certificate will be supplied for the FSU and loadcell combination.

Alternative calibrations are possible; please consult our engineering department to discuss your requirements.

This digitiser can be used with any of our loadcells. Details of our loadcell families can be found in the Product Guide.

FSU-SSBD Specification

Description Min Typical Max Units
Bridge Excitation 4.5 5 5.25 Vdc
Loadcell Excitation System   4 wire    
Bridge Impedance 80 350 5000 Ohms
Bridge Sensitivity -3   +3 mV/V
Offset Temperature Stability   1 4 ppm/°C
Gain Temperature Stability   3 5 ppm/°C
Offset Stability with Time   20 90 ppm of FR *
Gain Stability with Time     30 ppm of FR /1st Year
Non-linearity   5 25 ppm of FR
Internal Resolution   16 Million   Counts/Divisions
Resolution at 4.8kHz (Noise Stable) **   8192   Counts/Divisions
Resolution at 4.8kHz (Noise Stable) **   13   bit
USB cable length     5 m
Case dimensions See diagram below
Operating temperature range -40   85 °C
Storage temperature -40   85 °C
Humidity 0   95 %RH Non condensing
Protection IP50  


Additional Information

PDF data-sheet Printable data-sheet. Right click on the link to download the file.
PDF manual Printable manual for the FSU_SSBD. Right click on the link to download the file.