• Good output symmetry
  • High structural load limit
  • Fatigue rated
  • Sealed to IP65
  • Flying lead or connector option
  • Traceable calibration with certificate included in the standard price

F317 High Performance Fatigue Rated Cylindrical Loadcell

The F317 is a high performance cylindrical loadcell offering a high degree of output symmetry in compression and tension. A high slenderness ratio strain section improves all round performance compared to the older design F204. New thread sizes are employed offering more economic sizing of rod end bearings and improved availability. Novatech can supply suitable rod ends.

The industry standard fatigue rated loadcell has traditionally been the pancake loadcell, our F254 is a typical example. By restricting the nominal output to a safe strain region the cylindrical loadcell offers the same number of full load reverse cycles as a minimum life expectancy. The cylindrical form offers the advantage of a reduced diameter, often advantageous in actuator applications. Adaptors are not required which are costly and add mechanical interfaces to the load train assembly.

We are happy to design variants of this loadcell to meet your specific requirements. Versions can be manufactured for fully compensated operation up to +250°C. Please consult our engineering department.

Details of our other loadcell families can be found in the Product Guide.

Ordering Codes

See the loadcell ordering code sheet for more details. Add range in the required force units.
F317CFR0K0 Compression, IP65, unrationalised F317CFR0KN Compression, IP65, rationalised
F317TFR0K0 Tension, IP65, unrationalised F317TFR0KN Tension, IP65, rationalised
F317UFR0K0 Bi-directional, IP65, unrationalised F317UFR0KN Bi-directional, IP65, rationalised
Change the F to a P for the connector version. Not available on the 0.5tonnef range.

F317 Specification

Parameter Value Unit
Non-linearity - Terminal ±0.05 % RL
Hysteresis ±0.1 % RL
Creep - 20 minutes ±0.05 % AL
Repeatability ±0.02 % RL
Rated output - Nominal 1.2 mV/V
Rated output - Rationalised 1.0 mV/V
Rationalisation tolerance (applies to single direction calibrations) ±0.1 % RL
Output symmetry ±0.5 % AO
Fatigue life 108 RL cycles
Zero load output ±4 % RL
Temperature effect on rated output per °C ±0.005 % AL
Temperature effect on zero load output per °C ±0.01 % RL
Temperature range - Compensated -10 to +50 °C
Temperature range - Safe -10 to +80 °C
Excitation voltage - Recommended 10 V
Excitation voltage - Maximum 20 V
Bridge resistance 700 Ω
Insulation resistance - Minimum at 50Vdc 500
Overload - Safe 50 % RL
Overload - Ultimate 200 % RL
Sealing IP65  

All standard ranges are manufactured in stainless steel.

Structural stiffness - Nominal

Range (kN) Stiffness (N/m) Range (kN) Stiffness (N/m) Range (kN) Stiffness (N/m)
5 2.3 x 108 50 1.3 x 109 500  5.6 x 109 
10 2.5 x 108 100 1.4x 109  1000  1.2 x 1010
25 6.3 x 108 250 3.5 x 109    


  1. AL = Applied load.
  2. RL = Rated load.
  3. Temperature coefficients apply over the compensated range.
  4. The load must be applied directly through the central loading axis.
  5. AO = Average of tension and compression outputs for full load.


The ranges above 5kN are fitted with 2 metres of PVC insulated 4 core screened cable type 16-2-4C or a 4 pin Binder 723 series chassis plug. The 5kN range is fitted with 2 metres of PVC insulated 4 core screened cable type 7-2-4C, the connector option is not available on this range.

Excitation + = Red or pin 1, Excitation - = Blue or pin 2, Signal + = Yellow or pin 3, Signal - = Green or pin 4, Screen = Orange.

Reverse the signal connections to obtain a positive signal in tension mode. The screen is not connected to the loadcell body.

Additional Information

Outline Outline drawing of the product.
STEP file STEP files for standard ranges.
Stock List Loadcell availability.
PDF data-sheet Printable data-sheet. Right click on the link to download the file.