Standard loadcells are specified by a 10 digit ordering code plus the full load range. The codes for the most often used types are listed on each loadcell data-sheet.

1-4 5 6 7 8 9 10
F200 C Compression flat base F Flying lead 0 Unsealed 0 No option 0 Multiple
0 Unrationalised
  L Compression loadfoot P Fixed plug R IP65 sealed V Voltage sensing A 2500R N Rationalised
  D Compression thread fitting B Non-standard
flying lead
S IP67 sealed W 500Vac insulation test B 5000R Q 4-20mA 2 wire (2000R bridge only)
  T Tension thread fitting         X V + W H 350R Z 4-20mA 3 wire 12Vdc supply
  E Tension eye fitting             J 500R Y 4-20mA 3 wire 24Vdc supply
  U Universal (D+T)             K 700R C ±10V 4 wire
inline pod
  A Compression female base             L 1000R D ±10V 4 wire
  G Tension female base             M 2000R    
  J Bi-directional female base                    


F256TFR0KN 500kgf loadcell
F256 500kgf loadcell
Calibrated to 500kgf in tension with stud base
2 metre flying lead
Sealed to IP65
No option
700R bridge resistance
Rationalised output
F207CFR0H0 10kN loadcell
F207 loadcell
Calibrated to 10kN in compression
2 metre flying lead
Sealed to IP65
No option
350R bridge resistance


  1. Not all options are available on all loadcells.
  2. Loadcells will be calibrated in the units specified in the description.
  3. U options are calibrated in both tension and compression.
  4. If a flying lead length other than 2 metres is required digit 6 should be changed to B and the length specified after the main description e.g. F256TBR0KN 5kN loadcell with 5 metre flying lead.
  5. If a connector is required on the flying lead digit 6 should be changed to B and the connector type specified after the flying lead description e.g. F256TBR0KN 5kN loadcell with 2 metre flying lead fitted with a 5 pin TR200 connector.
  6. If an F218 requires the bottom cable entry digit 6 should be changed to B and the cable entry added to the description e.g. F218CBR0KN 100kN loadcell with 2 metre flying lead, bottom cable entry. If digit 6 is F radial cable entry will be supplied.
  7. The 0 code in digit 9 applies to tri-axial loadcells which have a different bridge resistance for the Z axis relative to the X and Y.

Bespoke And High Temperature Loadcell Designs

Where loadcells are manufactured to meet special requirements digits 5 to 10 in the loadcell code are replaced with -Z followed by a four digit number that is a unique reference to the special design.