This is a very small selection of the applications that use Novatech loadcells. Click on any of the product numbers for more information.

Aerospace Applications
F312-Z3255 - Ejector Seat Force Measurement
F204-Z3085 - Fatigue Testing of Airframe Structures
F254-Z3248 - Weapons Bay Door Test Rig
Automotive and Motorsport Applications
F301-Z3282 - Car Tailgate Closing Quality Checks
F268-Z3503 - Footbrake Pedal Force Measurement
F254-Z3215 - Four Post Rig Wheel Pan Loadcells
F307-Z0927 - Racecar Front Wing Force Measurement
F268-Z0913 - Racecar Braking Torque Measurement
F207-Z3518 - Low Profile, Submersible, Bearing Thrust Measurement
Some additional loadcells for automotive force measurements can be found in our Loadcell Guide.
Biometric Applications
F314-Z3257 - Bicycle Pedal Force Measurement
F255-Z3031 - Pinch And Pull Force Measurement
Marine Applications
F203-Z3495 - Under Sea Force Measurement
F317-Z4414 - Submersible 10tonnef load link for use at a depth of 24m
Military Applications
W275-Z0664 - Armoured Track Tension System
Production Applications
F317-Z3372 - Clamp and Stake Force Co-Axial Reference Loadcell
F252-Z3190 - Hardness Test Machine Force Measurement
F252-Z3234 - Vortex Oil Filter Weighing System
F209-Z4538 - F209-Z4538 and Z4649 Press Setup Loadcells
Research Applications
F308-Z4456 - Reaction Forces On Pipe Flanges
F305-Z4551 and Z4552 - Measuring Rope Tension Forces.
F268-Z4778 and Z4779 - Measuring CNC Metal Spinning Machine Forces.
Further Information
Applications List - A partial list of applications where Novatech loadcells have been used.