• Direct Replacement for standard rod-end
  • Simple Installation
  • High Temperature Build Specification
  • Immunity to temperature gradients
  • Lightweight construction
  • Sealed to IP67

Rod End Loadcell

The pushrod loadcell was designed in conjunction with a motorsport company as a direct replacement to their standard rod end bearing. It is provided with a high tolerence ground bearing housing ready to fit a bearing of choice. The loadcell is fully compensated to 150°C with a build specification of 200°C. The bridge circuit has been designed to show minimal effect on output with differential temperature gradients around the loadcell body.

We are happy to design variants of this loadcell to meet your specific requirements. Versions can be manufactured for fully compensated operation up to +250°C. Please consult our engineering department.

Details of our other loadcell families can be found in the Product Guide.

F204-Z3541 Specification

Parameter Value Unit
Non-linearity - Terminal ±0.1 % RL
Hysteresis ±0.1 % RL
Repeatability ±0.02 % RL
Rated output - Nominal 1.2 mV/V
Zero load output ±4 % RL
Temperature effect on rated output per °C ±0.005 % AL
Temperature effect on zero load output per °C ±0.004 % RL
Temperature range - Compensated -10 to +150 °C
Temperature range - Safe -10 to +200 °C
Excitation voltage - Recommended 10 V
Excitation voltage - Maximum 20 V
Bridge resistance 700 Ω
Insulation resistance - Minimum at 50Vdc 500
Overload - Safe 50 % RL
Overload - Ultimate 100 % RL
Sealing IP67  
Weight - Nominal (excluding cable) 135 g

The standard range is manufactured in stainless steel.


  1. AL = Applied load.
  2. RL = Rated load.
  3. Temperature coefficients apply over the compensated range.
  4. The load must be applied directly through the central loading axis.


The Loadcell is fitted with 2 metres of PTFE insulated 4 core screened cable. The screen is not connected to the loadcell body.