UK based automotive company
F301-Z3282 20N
Generic Type:
Low range stylus loadcell
Special Features:
Low force
Overload protection
High deflection

F301-Z3282 Tailgate Force Loadcell

A system was required by the customer to measure panel gaps of a road car tailgate. Normally a fixed wedge was used to set the gap but this did not take into consideration the nature of the closing force required.

A solution was to produce a portable loadcell system based on our F301 low range stylus loadcell to replace the existing wedges attached to the car body by magnets. This system had to be robust to withstand a production environment while also being able to measure low forces. A set of replaceable probes would deflect according to the panel gap and produce a reaction force to the closing action. The nature of the force or it's 'jerk' characteristic was checked to match the quality control profile.

F301-Z3282 Tailgate Force Loadcell

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