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This list contains a small selection of the many special loadcells that we have designed for customer applications and some application specific loadcells that are in the standard catalogue. The loadcell ranges are given in the units selected by the original customer.

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Loadcells marked * can be found in the 'Applications' section. All the standard loadcells can be found in the 'Products' section. The loadcell codes are links to the information, use your browser back button to return here.

Aerospace Applications

F204-Z3085 50kN with high extraneous force immunity for fatigue testing of airframe structures. *

F254-Z0775 50kN for measuring jet engine turbine bearing thrust. A low profile large diameter loadcell for use at 150°C.

F254-Z3248 12kN with high extraneous force immunity for a weapons bay door test rig. *

F312-Z3255 40kN for ejector seat force measurement. *

Automotive and Motorsport Applications

F204-Z3541 15kN pushrod loadcell. For use up to 200°C. Sealed to IP67.

F207-Z0724 3kN small size with integral load button. Used for an automotive insertion tool.

F225-Z0836 10kN for bi-directional force measurement in a high performance shock absorber test machine.

F232-Z0682 ±10 kN two axis force measurement for testing car seat anchorages.

F233-Z0749 ±20kN Z ±8kN X & Y three axis measurement of engine mounting forces.

F251-Z3723 250N turbo linkage loadcell. With 15mm long M5 studs.

F254-Z0702 500kN bi-directional. Used to measure articulated trailer drawbar forces during braking and acceleration.

F254-Z3215 15kN moment insensitive four post rig wheel pan loadcells. *

F256-Z0701 250kgf for racecar suspension 'set-up wheels'.

F268-Z0913 10kN for racecar braking torque measurement. Operating temperature up to 250°C. *

F268-Z0979 1600N for handbrake lever force measurement. Also see the F319.

F268-Z3503 2kN for footbrake pedal force measurement with a robotic actuator. *

F301-Z3027 100N for cyclic load testing in the automotive industry.

F301-Z3282 20N with high deflection for car tailgate closing quality checks. *

F304 2.5kN standard brake pedal force loadcell.

F304-Z0888 2.5kN for repetitive brake pedal testing.

F305 16kN standard seat belt tension loadcell.

F305-Z3115 200N seat belt tension loadcell for measuring forces under normal driving conditions.

F307-Z0927 2 axis force and moment loadcell for racecar front wing force measurement.

F317-Z3740 50kN low form area tensile loadcell for wind tunnel use.

F319 1kN standard handbrake lever force measurement loadcell.

F321 200N three axis gear shift force loadcell.

F322 250N standard accelerator pedal force loadcell.

F323 1kN standard clutch pedal force loadcell.


Biometric Applications

F241-Z0727 300N with special finish.

F255-Z0661 50lbf for thumb/finger pinch force measurement. Very low profile. Materials approved by the FDA.

F255-Z3031 pinch and pull force measurement. *

F314-Z3257 two axis bicycle pedal force measurement. *

Bridge Applications

F205-Z0789 1000kN suspension bridge rope tension force measurement.

F210-Z0659 10tonnef load sensing for a suspension bridge. Fail safe housing with integral eye fixings.

Lifting Gear Applications

F204-Z0458 10tonnef with eye attachments for a crane weighing system. Proof load tested.

F256-Z0734 20kN for lift hoist machine gearbox mounting force monitoring.

Materials Test Applications

F205-Z0823 250 tonnef for a material test rig. Non-standard height with M8 x 1.25 location fixings.

F207-Z0788 80kN improved performance specification. Part of a low grade calibration rig.

F209-Z0760 750tonnef for a load test rig. Non-standard height with M8 x 1.25 location fixings.

F252-Z0622 2.5kN for a material tensile test machine.

F252-Z3190 2kN hardness test machine force measurement. *

F268-Z3046 150kN for high temperature creep testing up to 200°C.


Marine Applications

F203-Z3495 70 tonnef under sea force measurement. Fitted with an integral 4 to 20mA output amplifier. *

F256-Z0782 5kN for force measurement under a pressure of 30bar in sea water.

F256-Z3699 1kgf for force measurement at a pressure of 600bar in water.

F317-Z4414 Submersible 10tonnef load link for use at a depth of 24m.

Military Applications

F218-Z3645 2MN loadcell for explosive testing. Calibrated to 1MN.

W275-Z0664 8000kgf double ended shear beam for testing tank tracks. *

Also see the Aerospace section.

Nuclear Industry Applications

F202-Z0323 50kN with integral load button and base location fixings. Shield door system.

F207-Z0998 5kN for insertion force measurement. Part of a nuclear industry safety system. Close tolerance design with axial cable exit allowing the loadcell to be fitted into a small bore tube.

F245-Z0321 80kgf used in fuel rod dismantling equipment. Special cable.

F256-Z0797 2.5kN for a robotic manipulator arm.

F268-Z0322 5tonnef shear beam with mounting assembly. Shield door system.

F312-Z3226 1kN aluminium shear pin. Dual bridge with halogen free cable. Tension calibration.

F312-Z3227 2kN aluminium shear pin. Dual bridge with halogen free cable.

F312-Z3228 50kN shear pin. Dual bridge with halogen free twisted pair cable.

F312-Z3343 5kN shear pin. Dual bridge with halogen free cable.

F312-Z3380 5kN shear pin. Dual bridge with halogen free cable. Bidirectional calibration.

F312-Z3467 10kN shear pin. Dual bridge with halogen free cable.

F313-Z3546 160kN. Dual bridge with halogen free cable. Compression calibration.


Production Applications

F202-Z0662 20tonnef with integral reaction block for hydraulic press application.

F203-Z0784 500kN for hydraulic press application for powder metal bush manufacture. M6 x 1 location fixings top and bottom.

F204-Z0812 2.5tonnef for use up to 150°C in the packaging industry. Used for automatic packaging with a heat shrink membrane.

F207-Z0766 50N low range diaphragm load washer. Press tool insertion force measurement for plastic bushes in an automated gear box case assembly line.

F207-Z0681 2kN for use up to 150°C. Used for tie rod creep tests at elevated temperature.

F207-Z0867 6tonnef for powder metal forming tool application. Central cable exit.

F207-Z3518 100kN low profile, submersible, for bearing thrust measurement. *

F207-Z3684 160kN loadcell for fitting to a pneumatic cylinder.

F218-Z0488 50kN for a foundry application. Fitted with an integral two wire 4 to 20mA output amplifier. This was the first of a family of F218 special loadcells for this application. The other type numbers are F218-Z0547 100kN, F218-Z0725 20kN, F218-Z0899 20kN and the F218-Z0900 50kN. *

F241-75 100kgf loadcell for tobacco processing machines.

F241-76 loadcell for tobacco processing machines. Ranges of 3, 10 and 10kgf.

F241-Z0220 50 kgf loadcell for tobacco processing machines.

F250-Z0733 2kN for clamp force measurement in an automatic plastic welding machine. Integral load button and axial cable.

F252-Z3234 60kgf vortex oil filter weighing system. *

F256-Z0528 10kN for safety tests on window units.

F256-Z0696 2tonnef with 1/2" UNC threads. Used as a higher accuracy replacement for an existing S beam.

F256-Z0707 1tonnef for bulk bag filling equipment. Special base.

F256-Z0833 60kN for press tool force monitoring.

F317-Z3372 20000 and 7500lbf clamp and stake force co-axial reference loadcell for an oil filter assembly machine. *

F325 standard high accuracy web tension loadcell. Four standard force ranges between 50 and 500N.

F326 20Nm flange mounted motor torque transducer.

Railway Applications

F214-Z0750 3000lb suspension linkage force measurement in the railway industry. 1/2" x 20 UNF threads.

F225-Z0807 300kN for railway brake cylinder force measurement.

Research Applications

F308-Z4456 assembly to measure reaction forces on pipe flanges.*

F305-Z4551 and Z4552 for measuring rope tension forces.*

F268-Z4778 and Z4779 loadcells for use in a high-precision CNC metal spinning machine.*