If you are looking for a solution to a force measurement problem you need look no further than Novatech. We promise our involvement in your project to what ever degree you require. Our experienced team will strive to arrive at the optimum solution for your problem. Our delivery times are probably the shortest in Europe and we prefer to deal direct with the end user wherever you are based in the world. This ensures that the application receives the best technical consideration right from the start of a project when the correct choice of loadcell is essential for successful force measurement.

Novatech has been manufacturing loadcells since 1972. We offer the latest analytical techniques and a flexible approach to loadcell design. Our factory has total in-house design, manufacturing and calibration capabilities. All of our resources are dedicated to product integrity.

Our market strength is our unique ability to quickly produce custom designed solutions to problems at reasonable costs. The design process normally starts from a concept or a problem definition. We never promise the impossible and promote performance integrity as paramount. Occasionally we push forward the frontiers of loadcell technology, usually driven by customer demands.

The loadcells that we manufacture are sensors that convert a force into a linear electrical signal. Their operation relies on measuring minute movements in a precision metal structure using foil strain gauges bonded to the surface of the metal. The structure takes a wide variety of forms depending on the force range and the application requirements. The loadcell goes by a wide variety of names including load cell, force sensor, shear beam, bending beam, loadwasher, load pin and shearpin. Some of the names identify the type of structure used to construct the sensor. A number of the names may be written as either one or two words e.g. loadcell or load cell, shearbeam or shear beam, shearpin or shear pin. There is no ‘correct’ way of writing them; it is a matter of personal preference. We also manufacture static torque sensors and multi-axis force sensors using the same basic methods.

The main thing to remember is that if you have any sort of force or static torque measurement requirement we can help you to find the best sensor for the job. To discuss your requirements contact us using any of the methods listed below. You can see more information about the wide range covered by our products in our Company Profile.

To support the loadcells and force sensors we also supply a range of basic instrumentation including loadmeters and loadcell amplifiers.

We also operate a loadcell hire service at www.loadcellhire.co.uk .

Data-sheets are available for our standard loadcells, loadmeters and loadcell amplifiers. They can be accessed via the Product guide. If you are a regular visitor the News Page will keep you up to date with the latest developments.

Current prices for all our products can be obtained from our sales department. We are happy to provide written quotations for your requirements. Quotations are usually sent within 24 hours. All orders are subject to our General Conditions of Sale.