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Model Description Standard Ranges Mode High Temperature
F202 Donut loadcell 10 to 200kN (1 to 20tonnef) C A
F203 Donut loadcell 400 and 800kN (40 and 80tonnef) C L
F204 Universal loadcell 10 to 500kN (1 to 50tonnef) T,C or U A
F205 Donut loadcell 1000 and 2000kN (100 and 200tonnef) C L
F207 Load washer 10 to 200kN (1 to 20tonnef) C A
F209 Donut loadcell 1000 to 4000kN (100 to 400tonnef) C X
F210 Donut loadcell 7.5 to 50kN (750kgf to 5tonnef) C A
F214 Loadstud 15 to 60kN (1.5 to 6tonnef) T,C or U A
F216 Loadcell 5 to 40kN (500kgf to 4tonnef) C A
F218 Column loadcell 100 to 400kN (10 to 40tonnef) C A
F225 High load ultra low profile loadcell 50 and 100kN (5 and 10tonnef) C X
F232 2 Axis loadcell 100N to 5kN x & y (10 to 500kgf) U L
F233 3 Axis loadcell 100N to 5kN x, y & z (10 to 500kgf) U L
F238 Binocular bending beam 50 to 300N (5 to 30kgf) T,C or U L
F241 Axial compensated loadcell 30 to 300N (3 to 30kgf) T,C or U L
F245 Axial compensated loadcell 100 to 800N (10 to 80kgf) T,C or U L
F250 Miniature diaphragm loadcell 100 to 800N (10 to 80kgf) T,C or U X
F251 Miniature diaphragm loadcell 100N to 3.2kN (10 to 320kgf) T,C or U L
F252 Pancake loadcell 1 to 10kN (100kgf to 1tonnef) T,C or U A
F254 Fatigue rated pancake loadcell 25 to 200kN (2.5 to 20tonnef) T,C or U A
F255 Miniature diaphragm loadcell 100N to 6.4kN (10 to 640kgf) T,C or U L
F256 Axial compensated loadcell 200N to 60kN (20kgf to 6tonnef) T,C or U A
Set-up Set-up wheel loadcell 1.25 to 5kN (125 to 500kgf) C A
F257 Axial compensated loadcell 80 to 240kN (8 to 24tonnef) T,C or U L
F259 Miniature diaphragm loadcell 250N to 1kN (25 to 100kgf) T,C or U X
F268 Shear beam 5 to 160kN (0.5 to 16tonnef) T,C or U A
F300 Sideload rejection loadcell 1 to 400kN (100kgf to 40tonnef) T,C or U A
F301 Low range stylus loadcell 1 to 3N (100 to 300gf) T,C or U L
F302 Low profile diaphragm loadcell 5 to 50kN (500kgf to 5tonnef) C X
F303 Low cost axial force sensor 20 and 40kN (2 and 4tonnef) C X
F304 Brake pedal force loadcell 2.5kN (250kgf) C A
F305 Seat belt tension loadcell 16kN (1.6tonnef) T X
F306 Disc loadcell 50N to 10kN (5kgf to 1tonnef) C L
F307 3 Axis loadcell 10 and 20kN x, y & z (1 and 2tonnef) U A
F308 Axial loadcell 50N to 2.5kN (5 to 250kgf) T,C or U A
F310 Axial force and torque transducer Custom ranges - X
F311 Custom static torque transducer 2 to 1000Nm - X
F312 Custom shear pin loadcell Custom ranges C A
F313 Low profile donut loadcell 10 to 200kN (1 to 20tonnef) C A
F314 2 Axis loadcell 2kN to 10kN x & y (200kgf to 1tonnef) U L
F315 Low range disc type static torque transducer 10milliNm to 5Nm - L
F317 High performance fatigue rated cylindrical loadcell 5 to 1000kN (0.5 to 100tonnef) T,C or U A
F318 Pancake loadcell 1 to 500kN (100kgf to 50tonnef) T,C or U A
F319 Handbrake loadcell 1kN (100kgf) C X
F320 Moment rejection cantilever bracket loadcell 5 to 50kN (500kgf to 5tonnef) T,C or U A
F321 Gear shift loadcell 200N x, y and z (20kgf) U X
F322 Accelerator pedal force loadcell 250N (25kgf) C L
F323 Clutch pedal force loadcell 1kN (100kgf) C L
F325 High accuracy web tension loadcell 50 to 500N (5 to 50kgf) C L
F326 Flange mounted motor torque transducer 20Nm - X
F327 Canister loadcell 10 to 2000kN (1 to 200tonnef) C L
F328 Low force universal loadcell with off-axis and sideload rejection 10 to 500N (1 to 50kgf) T,C or U L
F329 Deci-Newton loadcell 0.1N (10gf) T,C or U L
F330 Fatigue rated, high stiffness, low range loadcell 0.5 to 20N (50gf to 2kgf) T,C or U L
W277 Low profile corner scale 100 to 500kgf C X


Mode : T = tension, C = compression and U = bi-directional.

High temperature option : A = available, L = limited availability and X = not available.

The loadcells listed above are the standard product range that we manufacture in the UK. We are happy to design and manufacture special loadcells to meet your specific requirements. Please contact our sales department for help with your application.

We can supply all of our loadcells calibrated in other force units.


Model Description
ADW15 Panel or DIN rail mounted loadmeter
SMW Wall or DIN rail mounted loadmeter
TR150 Battery powered loadmeter
TR200 Intelligent battery powered loadmeter
DSCUSB Loadcell digitiser with USB interface
ICA6H Integral loadcell amplifier - voltage output
LCA20 Loadcell amplifier with digital calibration
SGA Loadcell amplifier with wide bandwidth
SY011 Loadcell amplifier
SY014 Integral loadcell amplifier - current output
SY018 DIN rail mounted loadcell amplifier
T24-SYS Telemetry system
T24-SYSC Set-up wheel loadcell telemetry system
T24-ACM/SAe Telemetry system loadcell data acquisition Unit
T24-ACMi/SAe Miniature loadcell telemetry data acquisition unit
T24-BSu Telemetry system base unit with USB interface
T24-HS Telemetry system handheld battery powered single channel display unit

Faster versions of some of these products can be supplied. If your application requires a wide bandwidth please contact our sales department to discuss the available options.

CEThese instrumentation products comply with the requirements of the European EMC directive.